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Animated Wink In photoshop

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Open an image of girl.

I used #FFB7BE.Now take out 9px soft brush (opacity 100%, flow 60%) and paint over the eye.
Now pick clone stamp tool (size 13)and alt click this area:
Drag it over the top edge of eye 2 times (follow the line)
Now take out smudge tool(soft, size 13, strength 60%) and drag down
If your bottom edge is hardly seen, use burn tool to darken it a little.
Create new layer. Name it "line1"
Now chose #451E06 as foreground color.
Pick 3px soft brush, and draw line like this:
Pick 3px smudge tool and smudge down so it looks like this:
Pick blur tool (size 14, soft, strength 80%) and pass once or twice over the line.
Now, duplicate "1" layer and "line1"
Hide "1" layer and "line1".
Switch to "line1 copy" layer and pick a move tool.
Move line a liitle upwards
Edit->transform->scale, and expand it
Move it and erase edges.
Now switch to "1 copy" layer, pick eraser tool and erase below line.
Now go to image ready.
Make all layers invisible exept "background".
On animation panel create new frame.
Make all layers invisible exept "background", "1 copy", "line1 copy".
New frame.
All layers invisible exept "background", "1", "line".
Now, for the first frame set delay 2 sec,
2nd: 0.06

Pcitures With the Tut

Notice from Saint-michael:
fixed it and put it in quotes since info is not your own you have been warned

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