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The Sat And your career of choice.

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Did anyone here take the SAT on June 4th? If so, what was your score?


Mine was fairly low...I need about 20-40 points for each section to get into colleges that I really want to go to...though, I really don't know what I wanted to actually do as a major anyways so I don't know. I'm going to retake it because a higher score is always better anyways, right?


My scores:

Reading 540

Math 600

Writing 590

Essay 9

That's for a total of 1730/2400, in otherwords, a 72%. It's 200 points better than what I got on the practice test so I'm happy.


Eh...First I need to really figure out what I want to do though. At first, I wanted to do something with graphic designing, but then I didn't want to...then I wanted to do something more with art, but I fell out of that, then I wanted to do psychology, but that takes too long, and now i've considered to do something with criminal investigation, which would really be interesting.


I found some schools with all those that I said above as courses so that I can always choose to fall back in case I change my mind...however, liberal arts schools are completely out of the question...


Anyways, what were your scores and what college/career are you going for?


Lol...it might help if you could even suggest a career that you think would be interesting that I might try and look in on...Or, does anyone know of a site where you can take a test to approximate what career would be a good fit for you? ;_; I'm desperate almost.

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I just took the SAT today. I didn't take any subject test. They cost money and i don't have that kind of money. lol. I don' tthink i did a good job on my test. There were bunch of math problems I didn't complete. Either they were too hard or they took some time to figure out. The passages are long and they expect you to read over it and answer complicated questions. I'm planning to take the test again. I wouldn't know my scores until the 28th of October. I just hope its not that bad. Or maybe I should just take the ACT again. I really don't know which test is better. But I'm thinking SAT is more college appropiate.

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