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Devil May Cry 4 PS3

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For all you Devil May Cry fans out there, which is probably everyone that has played the game, DMC 4 will be coming out for the PS3. All i've been able to find were just pictures of dante, and his new style. Along with the E3 promotional video, that was leaked. Besides that, it's pretty hard to give out any good detail about the game, but i can say that the graphics look kickass. Dante just keeps getting into that heavy metal rocker type look. Hopefully this game will blow DMC fans just like DMC3 did. All i hope is that they add unlockable characters like Vergil, for once. I've been wanting to play as vergil for a very long time. I can only hope the best. If any one know how i can contact capcom for some suggestions, that'd be awesome. I have a lot of great stuff i'd like them to add to the new DMC.


i would LOVE to see these things:

*Note: these things are not from the actual game, just stuff i wish would be in the game. Which i believe many people would love to see as well.



- Split screen storymode, and vs mode..

New Unique weapons

- and also bring back old weapons, but not all..

Better Style system

- can either switch off at the press of a button (On-the-fly), or combine them all into one.. If on-the-fly mode is chosen, increase level styles..

- if anything, add the ability to choose if the users want on-the-fly, or to combine them all..

- One of the styles should contain gun and sword capabilites, shoot and slice at same time, like in the cutscene on mission 8 in dmc3..

- Also, if on-the-fly mode is chosen, keep them based on what weapon is currently in use

- Add levels for styles w/o them, like doppleganger, and quicksilver

More rpg elements

More styles

- Keep gun slinger, sword master, and trickster

- Remove the not needed style: royal guard, unless a more useful feature comes up

Alternative endings

- based on what you've accomplished and your devil hunter grade..

More Super dante modes

- bring back the one from dmc2

Hand-to-hand fighting modes

- Grabbing of the enemies

- After grabbing, tossing, beat'em ups, and whatnot for combinational moves

- Combos after grabbing, or severely injuring opponent

More costumes

- each with added abilities

More interactive scenary

- for hand-to-hand combat, objects around player can be picked up and used as a weapon

Three stories

- Dante. Vergil, and Sparda as an unlockable..



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game play is kind of dull and the story is kind of bland and screw up really 3 doesnt really make sense at all it should have been more like he had no idea at all that he was a demon slayer son of sparta or had a brother that he new of hopefully they don't do another prequal again.

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Part 3 help me understand a few things that the previous versions didnt. Like on how dante's mom died. I just wish in part 4 they dont go with the same thing, of someone trying to open up the demon world, or trying to take sparda's power. That's getting boring... Out of all the DMC games, part 3 would have to be my favorite. Part 2 wasnt all that good, it looked like they rushed through that game. DMC has lost any horror about it. I hope they make part 4 with some parts that make you jump.

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Yeah I heard about the DMC4. Have seen the promotional video, I hope Dante will still lok a little like he is in DMC3. Hope this time they'll have VS mode and Virgil and Sparda character unlock....But since it's PS3, I dont have the budget... :unsure: -karmi

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