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green fairy

Blending Images In Photoshop In case you didnt know.

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I just learned how to blend images in photoshop myself, so now I want to show you how to do it:


1) Open some pictures you like in photoshop. For this tutorial I will use these:

Posted Image

Get the the pictures here:

Tree1, tree2, tree3, tree4.


2) Now that you've got all the tree pictures opened in photoshop, simply use the move tool and drag all the images into one of the photos. This will create one image with several layers.


3) You will now have something like this:

Posted Image

With the top layer selected, click the "add layer mask" button.


4) Now make shore your foreground colour is black:

Posted Image


5) Select the brush tool from the toolbar. (make shore it's a bit blury)


6) Now you can start brushing the top layer until you got like 1/4 left. You will see the next layer appear under your brush.


7) No go to this next layer and click the "add layer mask" button again. Brush of half this layer until you see the next one appearing underneath.


8) In Layer 1, brush of like 1/4 of the layer (remember to add layer mask). When you are done, hopefully, you'll be left with something like this:

Posted Image

You will have to see for yourself where and how much to brush to get the best result. You can do this with any other images, and even though this result might not be magnificent, you have at least learned how to blend layers :P

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