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Poem- Melancholy Tears About War and such

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This is a poem I made about war and deaths and how we are all to blame... I hope you guys comment because I need to make a poem for school and need help! Thanks, Melancholy


Melancholy Tears


Desperate times of a cold hearted war,

The battlefield is covered in red,

Soldiers march the road of death,

These melancholy tears I cry stain the color of red though red.


What do we do to save the millions of lives?

The light is replaced with darkness,

What am I to do?

You walk by my side,

But these lies are just too much,

I just can?t take it,

I wish I knew the way


I am devoted to my country,

But I believe in what is right,

Life is short,

And if it means to have a change in heart,

Who is to blame?


I cry one last burning tear to reveal that we are all destroyers of this life.

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