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i am making a clan based around the kalphite queen and bent on killing her. i have figured out a way to kill her multiple times per trip very easilly and efectivly.Minimum Requirments: Ability to use a dragon Halberd, must have a dragon Halberd, 70+ range, ability to wield and use a crystal bow, and finally a crystal bow.I can't discuse how we will kill here but i promise you it will work and be very succesful.Also to clear any information up the person who gets the drop and will give to me, i will then sell the items and split the money with every evenly. I am sorry to everyone but i belive it is best that only those on the trip will recieve the percentage of the item. i believe in fairness to a certain degree so it will be split evenly as so. 9 people in trip plus me means that everyone will get 10% of drop. If anyone is caught keeping items or lieing about the drop they will be warned first if small but if big you will be expelled from the clan and bounty placed for you just for the fun of having you die everytime you enter the wilderness.Also I currently do not have 70+ range but i do have a Dragon Halberd, and a Crystal Bow. i am currently getting 70 range and i will have withen the week.Rucruitment list:1. Leader: Ragnorok161

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