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Does My Hosting Die? Does it?

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If you're asking if Xisto will stand the test of time, then no one knows. Hopefully, it will because we've been very careful not to give out more resources than we can afford.If you're asking how much you have to post to keep your account here, then the answer is "it depends." It depends on how well you can communicate your thoughts out to everyone. It depends on how large your post is. It depends on how much you're willing to post daily. If you make one large, good post, then you will gain about 3 days worth of hosting credits which you can use to stay idle for 3 days. The more hosting credits you have, the more you can stay inactive and still keep your hosting account. For example, I can leave Xisto for more than a year and still keep my hosting account because I have managed to collect more than 440 hosting credits by making quality posts. If you can make a post like this, then you too can gather tons of hosting credits.Hope that answered your question and good luck!By the way, welcome to Xisto.

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