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Nani Cheri

Guestbook (cgi-script) Problems Do u know much bout chmod and cgi-cripts?

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I'd like to make a guestbook with a cgi-script I found at Lissa Explains it All. There were instruction bout how to install this gbook: click here

Active Guestbook


Unzip the file, you'll find 4 separate files:







1. Open guestbook.cgi in a plain text editor like notepad. Find out your path to perl from your Web host, and change the first line to reflect that. The default setting, #!/usr/bin/perl, usually works for most servers. If not, you can try #!/usr/local/bin/perl. Save your changes.



2. Create a new directory in your cgi-bin (or whatever folder you're allowed to run cgi-scripts in) called "guestbook." Chmod the permissions to 777, or if that doesn't work try 750 or 755 (you can find a chmod tutorial here).



3. Upload "guestbook.cgi" into the new directory you have just created. Make sure you use the ASCII mode or it will not work. Chmod the permissions to 755.



4. You can run the setup program by accessing the script from your browser.


For example, if your cgi-bin is at http://myDomain.com/cgi-bin/, then you should type




into your browser, press Enter and follow the instructions.



5. Once you reach the Control Panel you can find a link that offers extensive help if you need it. You can reach the Control Panel here:





6. After you've installed the guestbook, you can access it using this URL:





I came to point 4, but when I tried to run the setup by accessing the cript by browser: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


an error occured... I tried changing the CHMOD permission to 777, 755, or 750 but nothing seeme to help. When I type the link showed above, erro 500 or 405 occurs..."couldnt find page http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/... yadah yadah yadah"

Maybe It's a bit difficult explained, but if you do understand, can you help me with this????


Nani Chéri

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