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Is There Any Way To Block Ad Windows? Netbux opens--I cant close.

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I went back to using Netbux, forgetting about their nasty habit of opening new ad windows behind my search screens. Today, one of them started talking to me about singles junks. I tried to close it, but couldn't. Tried CTRL-ALT-DEL--nothing. I finally had to shut down. I WAS FURIOUS. It takes me forever to get all my programs set up the way I want them. I thought I was so cool with my popup blockers, but these nasty things have found a way around that. Is there any way to block these things? TIA,Suz (still fuming a half hour later) :D:D

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I used to have that problem as well. Fifrefox wont block those pop-up windows. So I decided to download Avant browser. You can download it for free. I use it for searching netbux and i dont ge any pop-up.



Thats the url, you can download avant browser from there and you wont get any pop-ups.


Great. Thanks. I quit using NetBux because of those stupid windows. What' really dumb about those things is that you can't open them or close them, so all it's doing is making people mad. There's no benefit to NetBux. It's like those stupid "dead air" phone calls we get from telemarketers. There's never anybody there, so we get mad and block all telemarketing calls. Are they all stoooooopid?

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