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Query/request: Latex For My Forums? Adding LaTeX to the list of pre-installed scripts... (?)

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I was wondering if it is possible to install LaTeX on the server? I want to ensure that my forums can have Tex code along with the regular BB code, so that mathematical text renders itself correctly in the LaTeX format. I could use the LaTeX render MOD along with MimeTeX, without installing either LaTeX or ImageMagik. However, I am hesitant because - a) I am not sure if I am allowed to do this, and :D it will be nicer to have LaTeX installed, and although I've done it for my PC, I am not sure if I could (or am allowed to) do it for my site, especially considering it might overrun the 150MB limit.

I'm not dying for this -- it's neither urgently required nor is it a minimum necessity; particularly considering I upgraded to phpBB 2.0.15 and installed the attach MOD so that users can simply upload the pdf files of their work. Having said that, though, I think it will be a nifty feature to have, considering I'm planning on forums where a lot of discussions will probably be math-centric.

By the way, if the LaTeX installation cannot happen, I am curious to know if I can use something like MimeTeX - that is, if I am allowed to do it myself.

Relevant links:
The LaTeX render page
Math Links [An Example of a forum that uses this feature effectively, and rather nicely.]

In particular, perhaps I should quote what is really relevant, if you don't have the time to browse through the links, this is from the phpbb forums:

The author of latexrender is sceptical about whether the system will work with Windows so the instructions tend to be for Linux systems. 
1. Latex  You may need to ask your host for help with this, but you need latex to be installed on your system. tetex is a common such package - have a look in /usr/bin for latex and dvips  You also need ImageMagick - look for /usr/bin/convert and /usr/bin/identify 

--no problem with the rest, of course, I can do it myself--

2. Latexrender  Download http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ and follow the instructions in the supplied README file for where to upload the files and the small number of changes you need to make to latexrender files and to phpBB's bbcode.php file. 

3. My changes  Now make the changes I have suggested above.  You should now have a latex system that works - if not, I'm sure help will be available here.

I get the sneaky feeling I'm asking for too much. If that is the case, I'm sorry, I'll just forget about it. If this can be done, however, I will be delighted :D

Thank you!

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Oops - I'm sorry, did not mean to add the :D smiley bang in between that line. I'm afraid I did not check the preview properly. What I meant was 'b )', as in 'point b is that...'. Gosh... sorry again :D

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