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Neo Android

Neo Android, Some Info About Me Introduction to the real neo Android

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Hello, my user name is Neo Android, which Stands for Non-Existant Android. I thought off the name after watching my favourite anime Dragonball z, And saw the Androids, and liked there style. One of My Favourite Androids is Android 18. I think she is a good character by the way she is not afarid to jump into the fight, and win against some of the z warriors. I have an image of her below if you dont know what she looks like.


Android 18:


Posted Image


I live in The South West region of The United Kingdom, so it is very hard for me to get much merchandise on Anime Shows. I wish to make a website devoted to the difefrnet animes i like. The Animes also include beyblade, which i am a big fan of. My favourite character in that series is Rei and his Bitbeast Driger. My other animes include, Sailor Moon, Shaman King, Esclaflowne, and many more. The reason i like Anime so much is the fact its storylines and animation is better than that of regualr cartoons.


I also enjoy playing the Dragonball z Budokai series. I think with each new budokai the developers have captured another part of Dragonball z. Now with Dragonball z: Budokai Tenkaichi soon to be released in the uk, i am exicted over that.


I am also a game maker, i am currently making a game called Pokemon:Tide of Destiny, which i have had a few problems with.


A Summary of My Pokemon Game:


This is my first pokemon game. It is called Pokemon:Tide of Destiny, ToD for short.


Story Summary


You start of in the new region called Annocia, you live in a small house in the small town of Pollygreen grass, you have to reach Sea Vine to get your first pokemon. You can chose from either Fire, Water or Holy pokemon. Meanwhile ur rivial is moving to sea vine. your rival's name is William, anyways you start your pokemon journey traveling through the region of Annocia. Until you encouter 2 teams:


Team Oceania and Team Abyss.


These 2 teams are trying to reseruct the ultimate pokemon, NightRouge and Heavoneon. Nightrouge is the pokemon of destruction and Heavoneon is the pokemon of destiny. Nightrouge and Heavoneon are trapped with in the cores of the Heavon Star, and the Death Star, these stars are located on the regioin of Annocia. Team Abyss is trying to reserect NR and Oceania HE. So you fight them both along with the occurance of a mustery team thats is trying to destroy Annocia for the true pokemon that lives within the regioin.


Goal: Your goal is to become a pokemon trainer or breeder (You have an option to chose which path in Sea vine) And to stop the 2 teams from awakening the 2 pokemon and to stop the ?? from destroying Annocia.


There will be new pokemon in this game.

I am really working hard on it, to make it the best it can be.


Now about me:


I am currently an A+ Student in School, i am also moving to Ireland in Late July Mid August. My Intrests are Anime, Gaming, Sig Making, General Graphics, Rpg Making and such. My Taste in music can be varied into the difefrent groups, as i dont really have a genre you could put me in. I Like everything from Mariah Carey to Distrubed.


I Think thats it, yep im sure it is :rolleyes: Nice to Meet You All ^^


- Neo Android

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hI NEO,wow! probably the longest intro ever in these forums.lost of nive ppl here to interact with.if you have any questions just post or shout & someone will help you out... no problem.Enjoy your stay.RGPHNXPS- Xisto hosting is excellent!!

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Wow! Quite an intro you have there. Welcome aboard, Neo Android! Hope you enjoy your stay here. I'm sure you'll meet lot of great people. Have fun and I'll see you on the boards.

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