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I sure hope somebody is able to help me with this one. I understand that google page ranking depends in part on the number and quality of pages clicking to you.


When I search on yahoo for links to my site, I get a lot more links to:




than I do to:




Yet they both are my site. I do not want to have my links diluted by having two sites (one with the www and one without the www). Should I only have one URL and delete the other one? (If i can...not sure I know how to do this).


Google gives my page without the www a higher page rank (makes sense...a lot more incoming links to it). So it looks like google does not know they are the same page. Please help. Any suggestions?



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Hi sunkist,
you might want to check out the "Yahoo optimization" pages over at
SEO Chat.
I'm sure I seen you question answered there.. OR at least discussed many times.
Hope this helps,

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all the www realy means is 'default' to it sends the person to the default server, seach engines are quite smart in the fact that they place a www in front if there is not one :) or if there is a subdomain then it will use that url... so, i wouldent worry, you only have one domain, and subdomains too if you do.

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