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Dan Spot! Live Its oficially open to public

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Hey everyone!

Welcome to Dan Spot! Get ready for my potentially funny blog :( , my wallpaper and signatures work, my photography corner and a growing community in my forums.

Well enough of the introduction stuffÂ

Today Dan Spot! is oficially open to the public!! I hope you didnÂt forget to bring your party hat! :lol:

So just surf my site, drop your comments, talk in the forums and do whatever you want (nop, you canÂt do that Mr. Hacker)

If you want please take 1 minute and register an account here and in the forums. After all itÂs free! :(

Feel free to bookmark Dan Spot! and expect new content to be added daily! ItÂs what I like to call a living site.

Well, thanks for your visit and remember just to have fun. Indeed TODAY IS PARTY!!!

Dan Spot!


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