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Who Are You world of warcraft

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llo, as we might know, World of Warcraft is an superb, and not least addictive game. So let's set ut a form, where you can present yourself, and who you are in World of Warcraft.You can use this:Version:European/American version of WoW. (We can't play on the same servers.)breed: Troll, Human, Undead, Dwarf, and many more!Class: Hunter, Mage, Warlock, and many more!Nick: Your Ingame Nick!Server/realm: Bruning Blade (PvP), Daggerspine (PvE), the realm youre on!Current Level: 1-what ever your level is!(Pet lvl): Optional, if youre a hunter, you got a pet!Proffesions: Your proffesions, not secondary.Guild: If youre in a guild, post the name!Ok, heres mine:Version:Europeanbreed: TrollClass: HunterNick: BruskServer: Bruning Blade (PvP)Current Level: 43(Pet lvl): 43Proffesions: Mining & Engineering.Guild: The Beaver Foundation, all norwegian guild!If you don't have WoW, don't post, let's try to keep it a clean topic!

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