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Poems I Wrote Hope you like them.

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Some were entered in to contests at in my community, First Class Crash won and Kerry Placed as well. Enjoy!Here are some poems i wrote for a contest. They suck i cant find the orginals they are funny. Theses are just lame in my opinion, but maybe you guys will like them.PurpleColor PoemPurple is funPurple has wonPurple isn?t blackAnd it is coming backPurple is the color of the dartThat punctured John Kerry?s heartPurple is grandPurple is the color of my living room fanPurple is darkPurple is meanPurple is steadyPurple is greenKerry is Not MerryQuatrain PoemThere once was a boy they called KerryAll his classmates told him he was scarySo feeling deprived and all out of whackAnd tired of people calling him a quackSo Mr. Kerry decided to be boldAnd not listen to what he was toldHe ran for president and soon he foundGeorge Bush had ran him downAmerica has decided on the right manBut some people still believe Kerry is grandBut this man they believe in lost and his name is KerryAnd because of this he is not merry.Office WarfareCouplet PoemThere once was a group of staplesThey all were launched like the queen of NaplesOne hit a boy named TomWho went and told his momShe sued his workAnd acted like a *BLEEP*So now Tom can?t go backOr he will get attackedMan DownLimerick PoemThe once was a fan named JanHe went outside to be a manIt was cold and wet he couldn?t see at all, like someone wearing a big crownSo soon he found a mower had ran him downThis is why there once was a fan named Jan, cause he is no more a manThe WindFaithless, sightless, tormentor of thingsSometimes angry sometimes just meanCausing destruction to homes and housesToppling rooftops and scaring little miceWind has the life of all thingsWind can be gentle tooWind can be the spirit that lets you feel un-blueIt comforts the grass and other small plantsEven the human with the touch of its handWind is a multi-spirited thingDoing as it pleases until it one day will ceaseIt has no job, or obligationsJust to fly around and comfort people?s facesSweet StuffClass Participation PoemThis hard little candy isn?t very sweetIt is like smelling Taylor?s feetIt tastes like chickenBut its finger lickingThis Now and Later is a star on a moonless nightIf someone stole it he would have to fightThe chewy delight sings a songAbout fruity flavors all day longSweet, silly, it tastes so sourNot like a spring flowerIts time for our sweet story to end butI hope you will remember the words that it sendsRachel?s LifeInterview PoemChatting with Joan of ArkCollecting ultra fast sports carsWhile watching the resurrectionBecoming a modern day CinderellaAnd visiting the earth?s coreReading the bible on a islandRachel is like an electric guitarA wannabe presidentA basketball championBut she wonders what heaven is likeAnd wants to give peaceEnthusiasmPersonification PoemI saw EnthusiasmShe was energetic and full of lifeShe turned and laughed at lifeI saw her skateboardingAnd heard her say never stopAnd I felt hopefulFamily PoemKaty Broberg what a name, but only with a bit of fameShows people no matter how young or oldYou too can be boldAt the age of ninety-ninePassing up records with life sublimeTearing down walls and making new friendsOnly shows who will prevail in the endRandomSinging to the birdsIt was stolen from the wordLeft aloneRound like a stoneSmokey the bearLost his hairThis poem is RandomUndone and TandemSeaI knew this man by the seaHe wanders by looking for beesUntil one day the seven seasBrought him to his kneesFirst Class CrashThe windows are breakingCars are shakingShattered glass is splatteredCrippled steel is left batteredTires are creasingThe cars are ceasing to stopThe working class seesA first class crashThe police are racingThe EMS is chasingGas is seepingPeople are weepingThe people are savedBy a simple waveThe working class seesA first class crash

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