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Carandiru one of the better indy movies out there

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Overview:Carandiru (2004)Art/Foreign, Drama and Crime/Gangster 2 hrs. 28 minThis dramatic film tells the stories of prisoners in Brazil's Sao Paulo House of Detention, one of the largest prisons in Latin America (housing 7,800 men in a facility designed for 3,000), leading up to the massive October, 1992 "Pavillion 9" riot/massacre which led to the deaths of 111 unarmed inmates. Central to the film's story is a doctor who arrived at the prison in the late 1980s to implement an anti-AIDS program, as we are introduced to the various inmates as he meets and treats them in the infirmary. Release Date: May 14th, 2004 (LA/NY). MPAA Rating: R for strong bloody violence/carnage, language, sexuality and drug use. Starring: Caio Blat, Gero Camilo, Luis Carlos Vasconcelos, Milton Goncalves, Nelson Machado Directed by: Hector Babenco Produced by: Hector Babenco, Flavio Tambellini My view:One of the best and grittiest indy films released in recent years. Based on true events, I can't say it dissapointed in the least. It was wonderful.

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