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With My Brothers I Sleep. Something i wrote about Operation Overlord

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I look up and see a seagul gliding through the wind gracefully. How i long to fly above the clouds and see the stars at night in the sky, glimmering like christmas lights on a cold Christmas evening. I look in front of me and see a group of boys, my brothers, longing to go home. Their faces are with concern and regret. Some hunched over with their faces in their hands, and some with their eyes closed praying. I look to my left and see a vast ocean with thick fog as if we were on a plane flying through the clouds. The waves beat against our boat's side as if begging to come in and drown us. Anything around this country is hostile. And now in front of me in the distance, I see flickering lights like if someone set off fireworks on 4th of July and I am reminded of freedom, the mother land, and God whom we trust so much.Instantly, five of my brothers fall to the floor asleep and seconds later everyone else follows. And now the sea turns as red as blood and the sound of thunder surrounds me. I see a door open in front of me and i step towards it. Small fragments of light streak by me and a cold feeling shoots through my body. I fall to my knees and look around and see my little brothers are still asleep and I dare not wake them. So I too lay down in my red blanket, close my eyes, and wait for a dream.What do you think?

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