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Gtr Offical (full Game Released) Thread

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Now that some people are getting / have got the full version of the game (including me) I thought it pertinent tio start a "Full version" game thread.So feel free to post your thoughts / hints / tips etc here:Personally I am hooked.Just did a few quick laps at BRNO track in the Lambo and lapping consistent times of 2:00:4?? using the default setups.You really need to work the wheel if you try to exit the corners too fast to try to catch the rear end breaking out.The sounds are magnificent (Logitech Z5300's cranked).Im playing the game at 1600 x 1200 with 2 x aa and 4 x af and in cockpit (free practise) i get between 85 and 120 fps ..so its pretty smooth.Just got a call from TNT couriers...my Hypersim has arrived at the depot...OMG all my Birthday's have come at once!! -_-

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