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Hybrid Of Agony Containing the inner beast

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Am I just a vapor in the wind?Look at me can you see what?s within?Am I just a grain of sand?All this pain is beginning to expandAnd grow into a monster that?s consuming meEvery time you tease I want to unleash its furyYou see me as nothing but a waste of airYou tear the life out of me while I hide from despairI made this monster on my ownI let your words anger me and diminish my soulI?m killing this beast that was born from anguishSoon ill be free and my soul replenishedI?m destroying this monster in meI?m replacing rage and hate with humilityYou really don?t see it from my point of viewEvery time you talk your mess I?m inside smiling at youYour feeble attempts are no match for my integrityEvery time you move your lips you put yourself in jeopardyI?ve had just about enough of your vulgar insultsBut I stick to my morals strictly following His exampleTurning the other cheek is a difficult taskI can barely handle this slap, I hope I can lastI formed this monster on my ownI can?t believe myself for answering your insultsI realize now there?s hope in anguishI won?t let you win this beast shall be vanquishedAnd now I start to reach my victoryGood bye, farewell my hybrid of agony

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