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Googlebot- Website Listing Problem Googlebot hit didnt get my site listed

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Hi all,Gogglebot finally "hit" my site for the first time today.PROBLEM: I type my URL into the Google search engine & I get a site not found error.QUESTION: Is this usual OR is there a problem???... Becuase when Yahoo & Alexa & Ask Jeeves webspiders hit my site it got listed in their respective search engines respectively immediately afterward.My cpanel stats for the respective webbots show the following:Alexa- 1st hit date = 4/10/05; "indexed"= 118kbYahoo- 1st hit date = 4/20/05; "indexed"= 36kbJeeves- 1st hit date = 4/19/05; "indexed"= 7kbGoogle-1st hit date = 4/26/05; "indexed"= 2kb I've done all the meta tags & titles & Keyword optimization ...etc. so..Why doesn't Google listing my website?? Is there a "normal" "lagtime" between the time Googlebot hits your webpage for the first time and when your website gets listed in their database??? OR is/are there other considerations that need to be "optimized".Any observations from your own personal experience is appreciated.ThanksRGPHNX

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Yes, this is normal. Google crawls sites all the time, however, even if Googlebot has reached your site, it will not always archive that site and list it on their search results. In fact, most sites that get crawled don't get added until it sees increasing productivity from that site. Furthermore, Google doesn't immediately add your site when it's crawled it, it gets stored on in an archive ball, and will be added to search results when Google does it's next major Search engine update.

As for META tag optimization, those don't really matter now, Google ignores those tags for the most part, and only really targets on the first 25 words on your site.

As for other sites, such as Yahoo, Dogpile, Alltheweb, and other search engines, feel free to use ETA tags, as these engines still use META tags to crawl and archive sites.

So that said, your site will likely be archived into search listings over the few months to come. Be patient. -_-

Here's some more information on optimizing your content for Google and other search engines if you're interested.



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