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Detecting New Entries In The Database, Live

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ok... i got the newline thing solved,ok, i finally got things up and working, the database is fine, now there is another problem that i've stumbled accross.... how to detect live,, whenever there is a new entry in teh database.. hmm.... tricky.. but i am no good php and mysql as i am brand new to the whole concept, so i thought i could do this.. created a continous looped flash movie, and have a php code at the beggining.. which counts the no. of entries that are there in the database, and then every two minutes, it counts it again, if the new value is greater the previous no. of entries,, then it goes to another frame which has the message written and a button, which on clicking sets the current no of entries to the current highest value, and again falls into the loop... hmm.. i think its a good enuff idea but i dont know if there is any other method that is good for such purposes, as this has to happen live! so what are the neccessay querys that i need to get all the data i want from the database???? i donno.. i will have a lot of question till the day afta tomm, thats my deadline for finishing this site i am working on.. Cheers, Tariq

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