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Odp Hints For Getting Listed Open Directory Project (DMOZ)

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1) Be sure your site is clean. Dead links or missing graphics won't impress an editor. Your submission will probably be deleted without ceremony or notification if there's anything wrong that an editor can spot in the first 5 minutes.2) For most categories, content is still king. Even if all you want to do is sell widgets, put some helpful hints on your site. The more really good original information you have on your site, the better your chances of being accepted by ODP.For most categories, a collection of links is not good enough. Helpful hints, articles, tutorials, news, blogs, features, are all important. After all, ODP is a collection of links. Why would they want to link to another one? Because you offer some sort of content--not just a list of links.3) Submit to the right category. If you try to break into a major category, when your site really belongs somewhere else, all you'll do is waste time. Editors can only add sites to their own, carefully defined categories. If you submit to the wrong place, your site will have to stand in line, twice. An editor will eventually get around to you, but not with much enthusiasm if your submission isn't appropriate for that topic. Then, all he or she can do is pass you on to another editor, who will also have to evaluate your site before adding it to the directory.If you aren't sure where your site belongs, click on the Description link in the upper right area of the category screen, and read the requirements, carefully. If your site doesn't quite fit, but it's important for you to be there, go back and add the required elements to your web pages before submitting. Otherwise, keep looking until you find the right category for your site.4) Be sure your title and description tags are up to snuff. Some SEO guidelines say that description tags can be long, but ODP guidelines say that a description should be only 2 or 3 lines. Get all the important stuff up front, since the rest won't make it in there, anyway.Keep your description objective and precise. Leave out "cool" "terrific" "etc." "and more". Just tell it like it is, briefly.Note: If you submit your own site, you can write in the description, but, if an ODP editor finds your site somewhere else, the title and description tags come up, automatically, when the URL is entered into the submission program. If your tags already meet their standards, you'll make it easy for a busy VOLUNTEER editor to submit your site without taking a red pencil to your description tag.5) Keep your site current and clean. Part of an editor's job is to check links, regularly, to make sure the sites are still being maintained. If a site falls into disrepair, it can be deleted without warning.I'm not an expert on ODP, yet, but I am learning. I hope this helps a little.

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I already tried getting listed to it 2 times.. :P and never got accepted/approved/notificated..

The first time I submited I had a fairly ammount of content, features and a good design.. After 3 months without getting any news at all or getting listed in the category, i submited again.. Now after 1 month of the re-submit, I still didnt get approved or even notificated at all. :D

The site in question is http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

Do I have anything wrong with it??

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