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Somthing About Java Hope it is useful

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1. Java is simpler than c++, so Java is easier to use. C++ programmer has to use pointer which is not security and manage memory by himself, which is trouble and easy to make mistake. Java don't use pointer and manage memory automaticly. I think Java is more advanced language.2. Java and c++ are both Object-Orient, so the way to use them is same. person which is proficient in one, can learn another quickly.3. Lots of free resource about Java can be found at internet. They are very useful. For example: Tomcat, Structs Rhino, JavaCC, Concurrent, Hibernate, XML-RPC.4.Java code can be used directly in JSP page. That is perfect way to construct dynamic web page. 5. Java is platform inepenence. But, it is slower than c++. However, for some application, the rapid of software isn't determined by computer language. Along with computer developing, the difference of language rapid is more and more unimportant.6. The exception mechanism is stronger than c++, That is mean that the error handling of java is better than c++. But, it can't determine the software quantity.7. Java program is easier to debug. Try to compare the jbuilder and vc++, you will find, it is fortunate as a java programmer. It is faster to develop program by java than by c++.8. All java classes has common base class Object automaticly. The methods of class Object are very important. For example, equals(), hashcode(), toString(), these methods refers to use classes in package java.util, someone don't understand methods of class Object isn't a good Java programmer.9. The reflect mechanism is very useful, but its efficiency is very low.10. Use JNI to invoke c/c++ functions.11. Understanding java need learn Design Pattern, Refacing, UML, etc.12. Swing is good java tool kit to develop UI. The most complex component is JTree and JTable. Understanding them means understanding Swing.13. The ClassLoader mechanism is very useful for java. It allows to load class dynamicly. The environment variable CLASSPATH is related to load class.

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