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  1. Do you honestly think that the PS3 should have been worth the starting price? I don't think so, because all it really had was graphics. I think that Sony ruined themselves with it mainly because of that, and I don't think that they will be able to recover from it. I mean how many times have you walked into a store and have saw a PS3 on the shelf somewhere. Also, do you think that they would do this with the next console the come out with?
  2. What is your favorite sports game/franchise. I think Madden. I mean it sounds a bit like you don't play them saying Madden but they really keep bringing them out. Plus, I can just use one game and trade players to get teams for the next year
  3. What sports do you play? I'm joining Basketball next year and maybe baseball...what do you guys play or are going to play?
  4. b_11


    Well I'm really into gaming. I came here somewhat for the hosting. I make a lot of Animal Crossing videos. If any of you have ever heard of Katrina_1185 or Hyper_Metal_Sonic I know both of them and always play games with them. I go on many other forum sites. I hope to know more about you. Right now I'm joining Basketball in high school and I'm trying to learn javascript so I can make my forum better. Anyway, I hope to be a good member here
  5. I agree, I think that they made it because of all the complaints that they were getting about problems with it. And, most people probably won't use the features that they are giving. The one that most people will probably be using is the internet on it and then probably second would be GPS. I wonder sometimes though how often when you're talking to someone you hang up on them because, your ear hits the hang up button XD. But. I know that they will be getting more people buying it but. most won't use it's features a whole lot.
  6. You don't seriuosly expect me to argue with you... I mean I like it you don't. Some people need that extra push to loose weight. I think that Wii Fit is giving people more chances to loose weight. It's just one of the many options people can choose from. Some people might not be able to jog because, of neighborhoods they live in or even climates they live in. So, Wii Fit offers people that push to loose weight.
  7. I can agree alittle bit there but, it helps me out a little bit and it has helped me loose a few pounds. I mean for some people it may not be right thing. I'm sort of glad I got it though. Wish it was cheaper though :\
  8. b_11


    Why hello thar? I'm b_11_321 without the _321... Anyway, hope to get to know you all!
  9. Do you think that Wii Fit will get people more active? I think that it will help some people but, the people who need it aren't going to buy it I think. Even if they do I think they will eventually just give up on it.
  10. I probably won't get it. I think they made it because all the other phone companies were try to make it better than the IPhone so apple fought back. I like how it's faster and has GPS capability. I'm sure that it will do extremely good in stores. What about you guys are you getting it?
  11. b_11


    I have made some games with this and it is a really good software. Especially for being something that you get free. You can't really make 3-D characters and games unless you are really good with pixel drawing. The only difficult part I think is the making of the characters because, you have to get all angles in which the character can turn. But, it is a good software program I suggest getting it.
  12. Does anyone have Wii? I do
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