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  1. Thanks for the post. I ended up installing a new harddrive. I was thinking the same that the harddrive would go bad So I backup what I needed found the software cd's purchase a new harddrive and installed it yesterday (Sat.). Working fine now. Thanks again
  2. Monday (4-13) the computer (dell 1749 laptop- core I3 - windows 7 -500gb sata harddrive) at startup stop see the harddrive it gave me a message: Intel Undi, Pxe- 2-1 (build 083) copyright © 1009-2000 Intel corporation Patent #'s Realtek Pci Express gigebit ethernet controller serie (090219) pxe0e61 - media test failure , check cable pxe-m0f : existing pxe rom , operating system not found The next day: I booted it again - going into setup - and the harddrive wasn't listed I exited setup - using exit and save changes - and windows started I check the harddrive with a diagnostice & utilities cd that came with the laptop and it found no error or problems Now I get the same message, as above , when I start the laptop and I have to go to setup to boot the laptop. Any Idea what is happening??????? Thanks
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