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  1. wasup all, long time no see for those that kno me, not well known for good gfx but i try, not made anything for least 8 months thought id make one R&C please, the comments can only make me better
  2. that was th edesired effect i was going for i might edit it later to add a bit of colour but i dotn kno if ti would spoil the effect here ya go edited version hope u think its an improvement i thought the red was OTT so i chose a more grungish colour wot you think to that an improvement?
  3. just to say hello as i havnt been here in quite some time with work etc.... so this is my first sig in bout 4 months wot you guys think R&C plz
  4. ive yet to attemp a smudge sig ive not made anything in photoshop for quite sum time, and ur smudge seems ok but the more u do it the betta u get, so try a fer more smudges and u will improve but its lookin pretty good
  5. i did colour and filter the 2 renders and it has a fair few layers for its simplicity but it is quite basic but wot can i say im rusty
  6. pretty basic stuff only used filters and a c4d render im so rusty but i thought id go for summat new wot u all think R & C plz
  7. looks cool saga, not sure wot the render is? 2 people fighting ? the background is awesome and looks good with the render, i also like the shades of brown and orangethe only thing tht lets it down is the font pixelated font doesnt work well with grungy type sigs but still GJ*8/10*
  8. well im off on holiday 2moro but i had sum spare time on my hands, and my desktop inspired my design "silky bed sheets" its s imple design but i put alot of effort into it, i was going for a simple look nothing complicated but it doesnt mean i didnt spend alot of time on it coz it did take quite some time, i tried many different fonts and borders you cant see the border but there is a simple 3 pixel black 2 pixel white 1 pixel black on there rate and comment please
  9. there sum pretty cool flags int there, sum places i never even heard of, i couldnt be bothered to take a screen shot but theres pretty much every flag there for any purpose, so if u need a flag for anything like a avater or for a sig or any other graphical design ull find it in there, nice flags man good job
  10. indeed it is a little bit premature but im english everything is premature so we better win, but anything could happen, accept tinibad or wateva they called winning lol
  11. i use a compressed version of adobe photoshop 7 also known as adobe photoshop portable, it doesnt have as many features as CS2 i have that as well, but the portable version is alot faster and fits on a memory stick so i can take it anywere i go and can make sigs on the moveim glad ppl are liking it so far, i was only going for a simple effect
  12. i just made it to show my support to my country during the world cup, if ur also from england feel free to use this sig to support your country
  13. haha it does have grunge brushes and i like the border like that
  14. edited it for a friend, different background slightly different, but very similar
  15. i like da colour scheme its cool and the render kicks **bottom** nice work
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