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  1. The main way to get traffic is to put in some good content in your site & then submit your blog to entercard & digg all your posts(_in blogs_) yourself . Also help of some social netwroking sites such as Twitter , Facebook myspace etc might help . There are also lots of sites for pulishing your content like Technorati , Digg , Stumble upon , Delicious etc .But the problem is that most of the people do not search in these services for what they want . They only use search engines . so your site needs to get listed on search engines . First submit your site to google , yahoo , bing , altavista etc . But there are lakhs of sites out there & you've got to do more to get noticed ! Find some free SEO sites like http://www.submitexpress.com/ . Also find out what the people want & post that . Another way is to post the link to your footer in each & every forum you join ! That will attract guaranteed traffic to your site ! All the best ....
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