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  1. Kingdom hearts, hands down. Despite the fact that the Disney characters are primarily featured, this game has amazing battles, levels, and character interaction. The FMV doesn't hurt either. Don't forget the Final Fantasy series - FF7 was a feast for the gamers.
  2. Well, Runescape is not worth your time, and I am not saying this without justification. First of all, the graphics are very poor (the best hairstyle I found was one that seemed to belong to a hippie or a stereotypical Jamaican). Also, it's not very fast - it freezes occasionally and is impractical to play. Unless you're willing to settle for less, stay far away from Runescape as possible.
  3. This is a clever idea - I wonder why no one else thought of this before! I'll sign up as soon as I can. Thanks for informing me of this cool site that you created.
  4. IMO, the DS is better. But to be fair, I'll putup a list of Pros and Cons.DS | PSP------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------Pros: Wi-Fi Connection avaliable | Wi-Fi Connection avaliableCon: Only certain games have them | Only certain games have themPros: Franchise games like Pokemon and Zelda| More mature games like GTACons: Less mature games | No Zelda/Pokemon, etcPros: Touch Screen | ?Con: Easily scratched | ?Pros: Media Manager Avaliable | Built-in media managerCon: Media Manager EXPENSIVE | Battery life may not support long enough
  5. Runescape's graphics are horrible. I avoid that game at all costs. I noticed you didn't have Gunbound up. I don't play it, but I hear it's a really good shooter.
  6. Oh, I cannot WAIT for the Spore game to come out for the PC! Thank goodness it's on PC, because I only have a GCN. Anyways, I saw the demo on G4 and it looks totally awesome.
  7. Yes, it's true. I bet Nintendo rues the day they kicked Sony to the curb and accepted Maxell. Then again, we might be seeing the Maxel SuperGaming 5000 today. But how good would get that? LOL
  8. I think FPSs have a new future on the Nintendo Wii. Take Red Steel, for example. I can't wait to shoot people with the Wii-mote (not to mention turning it sideways like a gangsta), and especially to use it as a Katana. Who else thinks Red Steel will be a success?Oh yeah, and Disaster: Day of Crisis and Project: HAMMER look like they'll be really good games.
  9. Yeah, I think it's been greenlit. I think Rush Hour 2 was better than its predecessor, a rarity in movies.
  10. Dead or Alive is truly one of the best fighting games of our time. I love DOA3, unfortunately, I have not yet played DOA 4.
  11. Yes, I play Pokemon. I don't understand why people find it as just a kiddie joke. It's a great RPG if you shave away all the layers of cutesy graphics and cheesy dialogue.
  12. Animal Crossing is really good, but if you get bored of games that don't have levels and stuff, stay away from this game and Nintendogs.
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