We are currently in the process of migrating our servers to a new location, this migration will cause your accounts to go down briefly. The migration will affect those hosted on servers ALPHA, SIVA & OMICRON only.

The forums knowledgesutra.com/forums & astahost.com/index.php are also being currently migrated and restored.

It was originally scheduled for a much later period but due to unforseen circumstances, we were left with no choice but to migrate our servers immediately. Due to the urgency and necessity of the migration, our entire support team has been backed up with the task and thus unable to put up the news any sooner.

Our team apologizes for the delayed news. The Server Migration was a decision taken to better facilitate our growing business since the current location's limited power and space prevented us from providing better flexibility for our clients.

The new location not only gives better flexibility but the network is of a higher quality thereby guaranteeing better network paths to you and your clients. The location also has a stronger power & cooling distribution allowing heightened stability and uptime.

I understand how this sudden migration has been inconvenient for you and sincerely hope that you will bear with it until the process is done. We will update you once the servers are back up.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

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