New Feature : Credit Balance Report

We have added a new feature to Client-Area. This feature shows you the list of all Invoices to which "Credits" have been applied. Many members use "Add Funds" option to keep sufficient balance in their account.  This Balance is automatically used to pay for future orders and invoices. There was however no feature to view all invoices in which ... Read More »

18th Dec 2018
Indian Payment Gateway - IndiaPay

We are pleased to annouce a new payment gateway specially for Indian Customers. The gateway is called "IndiaPay" and it is powered by RazorPay. Razorpay is the only payments solution in India which allows businesses to accept, process and disburse payments with its product suite. It gives you access to all payment modes including credit card, ... Read More »

15th Oct 2018
New Feature - UnPaid Invoice Report

We have successfully created a new feature for Shared Hosting Clients to View all Un-Paid Invoices with associated Service in a List Format. This tool offers a list view of all un-paid invoices, so that members with many due invoices can easily decide which invoice to pay. The list shows invoice number and the service it is associated with. ... Read More »

1st Jan 2018
Unity Plans - Double Resources!

We are pleased to announce "UNITY PLANS". These Shared-Hosting package are Single-Domain Hosting packages. Compared to our Logic Plans, They offer double the resources at the same cost of Logic-Plan. The Prices of Logic-Plans are same as before. Existing Members who have Logic-Plan can migrate to Unity-Plan if they are hosting only one domain in ... Read More »

15th Aug 2017
New Feature - UnBlock IP Address

We have successfully created a new feature for Shared Hosting Clients to Un-Block their Blocked IP from our Server Firewall. This tool allows members to check if their IP or any other IP is blocked on our Server. This tool checks our main Server if the IP is blocked in any firewalls or security applications active on the Server. If the IP is ... Read More »

18th Jan 2017
Changes to our Nameservers

NAMESERVER UPDATE*Please note our latest changes to Nameserver IPs(s). Computers and other network devices on the Internet use an IP address to route your request to the site you're trying to reach. This is similar to dialing a phone number to connect to the person you're trying to call. Thanks to DNS, though, you don't have to keep your own ... Read More »

16th Mar 2016
The DROWN attack

The DROWN attack (Decrypting RSA with Obsolete and Weakened eNcryption) makes it possible for an attacker to decrypt previously recorded TLS encrypted connections and then to obtain sensitive information in these communications. By sending a large number of specially prepared handshake messages to a server supporting SSLv2, attackers can obtain ... Read More »

7th Mar 2016
Essential Kernel Updates - All Servers Rebooted

We just finished updating all Server Backend Software. Since Kernel was also updated in the Process, We had to do Emergency Reboot. All Services are back Up.

31st Jan 2016
MySQL on CPSRV server upgraded to 5.6

We are pleased to announce that the MySQL version on CPSRV server is now upgraded to v5.6.
We have ensured all checks to ensure compatibility during Upgrade.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any doubts or Queries. :)

31st Jan 2016
Get SMS Alerts

We have added SMS alerts feature to our Client Area. Users will now be able to get important alert notifications by SMS. SMS Alerts are not active by default. Users must login to Client-Area, View their Profile and Check the SMS Notification option. Users are requested to enter their mobile number with country code to activate SMS Notifications.

30th Jan 2016