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How To Lock Internet Explorer

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I want to lock my internet explorer kindly suggest me any software for this




Make sure an alternative browser is downloaded and working on the computer.

Options are Firefox, Chrome, Opera. If Internet Explorer is removed another browser can put on the computer using a usb-stick and a cd.


It is possible to remove Internet Explorer out of the Operating Program.

This is the procedure for Windows 7.

Save open work.

Close all programs.

Open the menu.

Choose: Control Panel.

Choose: Programs. Uninstall a program.

Choose: Turn Windows features on or off.

This button is on the upper right part of the window.

Choose: Internet Explorer (number)

Remove the cross in the square.

Choose: Yes

Choose: Ok

Choose: Restart the computer.


This probably doesn't influence the operating system in a negative way. It is possible the browser is much faster without Internet Explorer running.


Instructions. Part 2.




The computer is not able to surf on the internet when Internet Explorer is removed and when any other browser is installed on the computer. If there isn't any browser running on the computer Internet Explorer can be put into function again to browse the internet and to download the executive file of a browser. When the file of the browser has been downloaded Internet Explorer can be removed again.


Instructions videos


Instruction video


Using a unlock program


How to remove Internet Explorer from Windows 7.


Control Panel


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Instructions. Part 3.




Text error repair


This button is on the upper right part of the window.

The button is on the upper left part of the window.