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Pay Both Domain And Hosting By Mycent? How difficult it is in long term?

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I currently bought domain by MyCent, host website on another free hosting site.Yes, I know, free hosting are not reliable. But wire money oversea or uploading money to paypal cost a lot more than the pachasing itself. I appreciate the MyCent system allowing us to get paid service without actual money transaction.It'd be wonderful if MyCent can support both domain and Logical Plan. But I read from some senior member's posts that MyCent earning will be more and more difficult when posts exceed 1000. That means it will take great effort posting to support both domain and hosting-- totally need MyCent $35.88 (domain $12 per year, Logical Plan $23.88 per year)Is it too difficult to achieve?


It's not difficult as long and you continue to stay active in the community and make well thought out, meaningful posts. Contribute your own thoughts and ideas by posting unique topics or commenting on others. Just be social and you'll be fine.


I think your MyCent could be better used for other services instead of buying a domain. since you can get a domain for a lot cheaper from other guys. I got mine from Godaddy for 99c a while ago. Hard earned mycent should be used for something more valuable?


It sounds like imjjss doesnt want to, or can't make purchases online, besides mycent. He refers to the hassle of adding money to his paypal. So it's not a question of where to buy domains for a bargain, but to continue using free hosting, or the more reliable hosting here.


Yes, it's not convinient to do online purchasing here.For each money transaction, our banks here would charge cny50 flat fee plus commission-- this is a reasonable cost;Then, we need to change our money to USD-- this is still reasonable, but since currency is not a free market here, so the cost is higher than other places;To enable our money to be transfered oversea, we have to change our cash to "Exchange", money entitled as "Exchange" can be transfered out-- this is something confuse me all the time, even if our money is already USD, we'll have to buy it to be "Exchange".So, for me it's better to earn some money online to support my online purchasing. If earning MyCent to pay both domain and hosting is not that difficult, I will do it.


Yea, that sounds like a big hassle to exchange currency. Glad you got this resolved and best of luck on earning some steady mycents. :PBy the way. Out of curiosity, what country requires all of this?


Well i am with @imjjss well i am from india if i tryed to transfer the mony from it will cost about 20$.its so much costly. and not for domain for only bank transfer.so i prefer the buying with mycent.


I think the myCents idea is good. And also think that the capability of purchasing other items other than domain and webhosting should be added.It's a good way for someone who doesn't have the ability of actually getting their hands on a credit card or wire transferring funds to a host.I'm glad I found this forum. Hope to get my site up and running soon.


I'm glad i found this as I was on a few paid host that promised i could work on my text based game with no worry only to be thrown off with just my testers there helping me to find the bugs. been building my game slow wanting to produce something much better then torn city or any other big game where the owner of the game is about money. Games shouldnt be about money it should be about the players. I hope this site actually lets me develop my game so i can make a game for the players built by players. as i'm a person with cerebal palsy and hydrocephulus so needless to say with all my doctors appointments i cant hold down a regular job. So if this is what they claim i'm really happy and thank you Xisto for offering a service such as this you guys rock cause right now i'm barely able to get by and this will open up my possibility of realizing my dream of building a game.


astahost owners will be really glad to read the posts in this topic. I am also one of you who has been hugely benefitted by the mycents system. One year ago when I was trying to buy a domain name, I found this great service. I first thought that it is going to be very difficult for me to continue posting in the forum (which is somewhat true) but is nothing compared to the hassle of buying a domain directly by online payments. I have an additional problem because I am from Pakistan and there is no paypal here. So if we are to buy a domain, we don't have much options. We will either look for a domain seller who accepts payments from sources other than paypal or we will have to find someone abroad who can make the payment for us. The other thing is the use of a VISA supported credit card which is also globally accepted. However, in pakistan, credit cards are not that common and you really need some money in your bank account to be able to get one. So this option works for only those who are well established in terms of their business and are already making some money. But people like me who are entirely new to the internet and come from the middle class cannot afford a credit card here. So without credit card and without paypal I had no option but to look for someone who can pay the money for me. It was a tough job because you can't trust anyone. But finally I found this great service which made life easier for me. I pay all my website invoices through mycents. Honestly speaking I am very disappointed to hear that with increasing number of posts, mycents become harder and harder to earn. I really want some official from Xisto to tell the truth about this thing. If it is real, then it is a real disappointment for me and I will have to start looking for other sources because I don't have any alternative for the time when things will become harder and harder for me.If any moderator sees my post, please make a reply to it about the rumor that earning mycents become more and more difficult with increasing number of posts.


This system sounds like a great idea. Thanks for the insight in this thread about the system. I have been looking for a trusted paid domain for a while now. I like the try it before you buy it system, but most free web hosts put all their energy into the paid system and don't upkeep the free one.. so it just makes me think that the paid one isn't that great. Hopefully I've stumbled across something amazing and I look forward to becoming a loyal member here.