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Didnt Get Any Mycents. mycents

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Hello,i recently posted 4-5 posts but didnt get any mycents is this normal or is there something wrong?please reply.Addict


Did you register at Xisto - Support with the same mail address you used for registering at Xisto?


It takes some time till the myCENT's are on your balance. You just need to be patient. :P


My experience is I got myCENTs showed up pretty fast meaning the same day, but after you get more than 100 myCENTS you are supposed to get cents converted to credit which you can use later, the time for the conversion varies, I got the first 1 or 2 pretty fast, but no luck recently. I thought the system should automatically check and update per email. But seems that's not the case.


Your MyCents are visible now. I guess that the problem is currently solved, isn't it?