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Animated,grapic Illustraion Help ! Please help in choosing the right software

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I am a Petroleum Engineer on a training mission.


I am deputed in Our Company's HR training Division for training freshly recruited gradutes for oil field training that includes active class room sessions and intimate on-the-job field training under my direct supervision.


I am looking for a proper software/Softwares that will help me to explain the intricate processes in recovering oil and gas from the field. It involves proces flow diagrms, charts reactions, animation and graphic illustration in the subject. I shopped around but found some ready made modules which are off the subjects and very expensive and they need an exorbitant licensing fee for each trainee that uses it.

The below link is a model of what I have in my mind.




I am no computer wizard...so I am looking for a software that will do the trick with out outside help, as I can't afford to pay for it. I have my own texts and write up on the subject and I am thorough in my subject.


Appreciate forum help.