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Most Reliable Dns Host You Recommend Free DNS hosting

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My free domain doesn't provide DNS hosting. I need to find a reliable one. Currently I'm with DNS park but it goes down today without a reason. So, I need to find a really reliable one. Any suggestion?Regards


If you are hosted by Xisto, you can simply use the DNS coming with your account, the fees for them are includend inside your hosting plan.


Currently I am on another host. The DNS hosting started because I registered domain before found the website host. The domain registering require DNS nameserver, so I found DNS Park to host it before start building website. That's how it started.Later, I heard people saying it's better host DNS outside of web server. Because when web server goes down, as long as DNS server is still available, earch engines will not abandon the domain. So, I continue have the DNS hosted outside of web server.