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How To Earn Money Online. Case: Hotmail

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The start of hotmail followed by the prosperity of the founders of hotmail.


The story of the start of hotmail is something like this. Two employees had an idea. They thought that they were able to do something new with the internet. If things would work out like planned they would be able to start their own company. If they managed to get enough money to start their own business they would quit there jobs. One day one of the employees wanted to tell his mate about the project they were working on together. But he didn't want to use the email program of this job. Because he didn't want his boss to know about the project. He didn't want his boss to know that he thought of quitting his job.


Till then emailprograms were joined to a website. A company that had a website would have an emailprogram of the webhost. At that moment one of the employees of the new project got the idea that to avoid the possibility that his boss could read his email it would be handy to have an emailprogram that would not be attached to a website and run by the webhost of the website. This is how the idea of hotmail was invented.


The two employees continued to look for investors for their project. When the investors rejected the idea for the first project for the right reasons they started to talk about the project of making an independent emailprogram. After 24 meetings with and visits to investors at last they found somebody who was willing to give them money to start their emailproject.


It was hard to develop the program, run the program and renew and improve it while the customers were using itt. But the founders managed to keep the emailprogram working and running more or less smoothly.


After some time, when hotmail had become popular, Microsoft bought the website of hotmail. That is when and how the inventors of hotmail became rich.