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Trends And Internet Understanding the internet.

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Trends and the internet




Part of an overview of some of the ways the internet is used.


Several trends can be discovered on the internet. Here is a short list of some of them.


Internet dating.


A site like http://www.pof.de/ seems to generate a big revenue for the owner.


Social network sites.


A very well known example is facebook. The website and the story of the owner became so famous a movie is made about the owner and the website.


Another example is myspace.com.


Video websites.


A famous example of video websites is Youtube.


The amount of videos loaded to the website is rising.


Television shows on the internet.


More and more television companies start to put their shows on the internet. The broadcast of the show on television and the internet at the same time is getting more and more used and explored.


Integration of internet and television.


More and more televison directors try to integrate internet possibilities into television programs. An example is the program TheExtraFactor. In a part where the judges of the talent show can be asked questions by people using a phone some people can ask questions using skype. The person who asks the question is shown by the webcam of the person in a whide screen. The woman host of the program and the judge who answers the question are shown in a small window on the television screen.


A way to integrate the internet and television that is introduced to more and more programs lately is reading messages send by members of the audience to twitter, the website of the television program and other message sites like Facebook.




Websites made by news papers with the latest news can be seen to be popular. The sales of news papers seem to get lower because of the use of the internet to read the news.


Videos on news websites


Articles on news websites are more and more accompanied by videos about the event that the article describes.