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Using Last.fm Music Manager

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Recently I created a Last.fm label page to distribute recordings from several bands I have been part of over the years. The service seems useful to host music online, allowing for seemingly unlimited uploads, but information on the services provided and user guides to explain some of their functions is dubiously hard to come by and at best inconsistent.I was curious if anyone out there had experience in dealing with managing label and/or band pages on Last.fm, especially relating to radio station creation requirements and free download vs royalty radio and preview accessibility.The qualifications for creating a titled radio station could not be found anywhere, but there was a note about creating a playlist that said it must contain 45 tracks from 15 different artists to be visible to subscribing members. If that is the case, I'm going to have to dig deep in the catalog or get creative with some band names...Any help would be useful.Thanks!


I'm using Last.fm since 2005 and am happy to use it, there are a lot of players on Linux which can use the power of Last.fm Database to make your playlists very very interesting for you!Even though I mainly use it to tag my music and it's quite interesting for myself to look at the results and statistics of what I'm really listening. :)