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New Website For Local Off-license Something Im making

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I'm currently making a new website for my ex-girlfriends parents. They have helped me a lot since my son was born, buying me things and offering to babysit and just generally helping me raise him on my own so in return I'm making a surprise website for thei off-license (liquor store to the American readers). To the average user their are four pages which you can view, the home page with basic information and a map to the shop, a list of all current special offers, a list of what they currently stock and a contact page with address, telephone number and a form for sending messages (PHP and MySQL driven). Also the special offers page has a table where you can enter your email address or phone number and receive updates of the latest special offers, new products or special opening/closing times. Not visible to the average user is the admin control panel. Now these people are not exactly what you would call computer literate. I've helped them to develop to the point where they can use the basic functions of a website and fill out forms so I have had to make the admin panel as simple as possible. Because of this I was wondering if anyone knew any off-license owners that would be interested in an adapted version of the site to suit their own store. My freelance web design business is not fully registered and setup yet but once it is I will be making the script available to buy, either with me redesigning it for each clients store or maybe with a wizard setup and full set of instructions. I also have half-designed a take-away system where users can view the current menu with prices, make an order for delivery online and even make online payments for the order (optional), all with yet again a very user friendly interface for both the customer and the web site operator. Also once I have the freelance business up and running properly I will be installing my own server at home on a business internet line and offering to host smaller, less bandwidth-heavy websites on it for a monthly upkeep and maintenance fee and only for people who have purchased scripts or whole websites from me. Does anyone have any input on these ideas? Maybe know anybody who has done something similar? For the website for my sons grandparents I'm using Clickatell to send SMS messages using their API through a web form on my website.


I'd try to broaden your target audience, not only off-license stores might be interested in this app. It might surprise you, I've had almost exactly the same question from the parents of my ex girlfriend. They asked me if I could make a website with exactly the same information :) Instead of writing everything myself, I used Joomla, it has a learning curve, but once you're used to it, it's easy to use. Anyway, off-license stores are probably not the only ones wanting such a system, so try to make it easy customizable for other kinds of stores :D