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How To Install Php In Solaris10 With Apache2

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Hi!, I´m a completley newbie not just in Solaris, but also in Linux.I´ve managed to install the Apache, but now I´m looking to install PHP.I´m currently using Solaris 10 with Apache 2Can anyone tell me how to install PHP?Does it comes by default like Apache or do I´ve to download it?Thanks in advance ;)


Look it up in the package manager ;)
If you installed apache2 using the package manager then installing php is a piece of cake.
I'm not sure what package manager opensolaris uses, but I tought it was aptitude.


aptitude search php5
you can find the right name of the php package for apache2
and using something like
aptitude install php5-apache2
would be enough to install and pre-configure php ;) .


I don't remember Solaris coming with aptitude. Last check, it uses it's own package manager. Only Nexenta uses APT-GET.xboxrulz