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12 Javascript Image Galleries

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While I was looking around and searching for a good online gallery for a client of mine, i stop by into this article 12 Javascript Image Galleries that offers some of the better Image Galleries i found.


All of these Image Galleries are Javascript, CSS and Ajax based solutions, so be careful and take in mind that if Javascript is disable they will not work. Aditionally, some of them are server side -PHP- based also.


If someone is in a hurry and need to check them out here is the 12 Image Galleries collection posted in the article:

(E)2 Photo Gallery Made With Mootools




Modified Hoverbox Image Gallery

Spry - Image Gallery made with the Spry framework

FrogJS Javascript Gallery


Photo Folder forget it, this don't exists anymore


JonDesign's SmoothGallery


Visit 12 Javascript Image Galleries article for a complete and detailed information.


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