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Can I build a web music player or web video player with flash cs3? If so where can I find a good tutorials.


Yes, just google for flash tutorials, then stick on what you want, like games, mp3 players, etc.


for music player, you may take a look of Sound object.It allowed to attach a mp3 sound.You can open the help file and search for sound object.It has a very nice example that showed how to use it.I also learn from there !


it depends on what you are having in your mind to build..you can create selfprovided player, which will play a tracks which already are converted into same movieclip as player is , this means you are creating the player, and importing some tracks..so player will not need to download some content using traffic, it will use local approiments,and the second way is that you can create an XML based player in Flash, it will play any source you point it to download from..so about detailed information how exactly you can construct the player, search the Google,it'must not be hard to do !enjoy ;)