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Browser Based Text Games

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Hi, I've seen alot of these and Sorry for putting up another one. I've been pretty interested in creating a Browser based text game and have seen all of the MC Codes Etc. But Looking through all the topics I haven't yet found how to start making one. The one think I've ALWAYS had trouble with is setting up a database for users and I'm guessing this has to be done first. Does anyone have a steb guide through the first stages or is anyone interested in creating it with me. Cheers in advance. Matt.


Matt, the first thing you have to do is getting some paper and start designing your game. You first have to know what you want before you can create your database and write the codes.


players: username, email, password, health, deaths, level, weapons, ...

game: min. 10 levels, a level consists out of ...

opponents: strength, health, at wich levels they appear, ...


First you have to think about the game itself, it has no use to start writing and creating things without you know what you are creating, you'll only loose a lot of time because you'll have to change and re-create things you've done and need to be changed.


This is also worth a reading ;)


Get yourself the MCCodes. Edit the PHP codes. Host it and you get your own MMPOG. But my problem is, i cannot find the best free webhost. Already try lot of it. My last option is using Xisto and see if it work with MCCODES ;)