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Web Hosting - Changing Hosts With Existing Domain Name changing hosts

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Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me. My websitehttp://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ is fun but I can't afford 30 dollars a month and it is telling me to renew or it will delete it. Is there a way to change hosts, and if it does get deleted how do I still use my domain? and how long do I own the domain for? I'm a bit confused.


Web site, in general, is in two parts: domain name and web space. The domain name is the familiar one to all of us. It's whatever{dot}com, net, org, us, biz, etc. Web space is where you store web pages you created.

As long as you have the full control over your domain name you can change (point) to any web space provider--web hosting--when you change the nameserver. Basically, you access your domain control panel and change nameservers to what your web hosting provides.

how long do I own the domain

It depends on the terms you purchased your domain name. Did you purchase your domain name through someone or was it a package deal? You own your domain name as long as you are current with your bill. If your domain name was a part of hosting plan, chances are when your hosting plan expires your domain name is turned over to your seller. So read the terms.