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Is It Possible To Make Php Scripts Executed Without A Cron?

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Title says it all really.Just wondering if it's possible in an way? If so could anyone tell me?


Well, I usually use a trigger to run a script. I usually combine this with a timer to ensure that the script is executed the proper number of times.This is helpful for people that don't have access to cron jobs.Basically, in every page of my website, my script would check to see how long it has been since the last time the operation had been executed and if the amount of time since the last execution was longer that the required interval, the operation is then executed then. Otherwise, it is not.When the script is execute, the timer is reset and if more than one interval has passed, the operation is executed however many times it should to get current.This way your web server is only working when you have visitors.There are a few topics about this on the forums if you want more information.vujsa


For vujsa suggested solution to work every time someone has to access the script or program to check it, otherwise it will be the same, but as for most of the things this is usually the same as using a cron job, because who cares if the information or that job isn't changed if noone is accessing it anyway, so if somebody has accessed your script, the timer thing will do everything and the client/user will see the updated data of your script or whatever the cron job should execute will be changed, I could think of situations this couldn't work, thats why cron jobs are usually used, but for everything there is a solution in my opinion, because everything is almost possible :mellow: