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Reading Xml Data Within PHP

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So I was idly pondering my next PHP venture today - more on that if/when I get it done - when I realised I needed to be able to read some data in from files. Sure, I could use simple binary files (each line having the relevant data on it, etc. etc.), but I figured I'd might as well learn how to use this snazzy XML stuff I keep hearing about.


So, after looking at W3Schools for a bit I couldn't find an obvious way of reading XML files in PHP. There was plenty of information of how to do it in JavaScript, but as I want to read the files in on the server rather than with the client's browser that's not much help. After searching on php.net I realised there was way more XML related stuff than I was ready for, so quite simply I'd like to know if it's possible to read XML files in using PHP (and specifically: on Xisto), how I go about it and any other little snippets of information you have on XML and PHP.


Thanks in advance!




There's millions of classes for this. Personally, I'd make my own, but I think this is the biggest one. http://uk3.php.net/simplexml


Ah, perfect. Got to love how it's called SimpleXML, although damned if I spotted that when trawling through search results. :mellow:Cheers!