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Database Access On Remote Server W/jsp

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Hello:I am new to JAVA and server-side applications and have a dumb question. I have set up Tomcat on my machine and created a JSP program to query an Access database using a DSN-Less connection. If I publish the page to a webserver and include the .MDB file will it work? I'm not sure exactly what needs to be packaged with my Java application to make it work. Since I don't have a remote server that supports .jsp I cannot really test it. I'm assuming that JDBC driver would be bundled with my site but not sure.Thanks!


remote server connection stringDatabase Access On Remote Server W/jspI using asp.Net and ms access databse I am able to run in localhost but I need the connection for remote server sp kindly help me ...Con = new OleDbConnection("Provider=MS Remote; Remote Server=/cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi; Remote Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=c:binSearchAndLogin.Mdb;Username = info@bookforstay.Com;password=india123");-reply by mani


Fetch Data from the Remote Server DatabaseDatabase Access On Remote Server W/jsp


I want to connect the remote server from my LAN to access the database of the remote server in C# code. So give me some useful ideas.

-reply by vasanth.A