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Can You Link Game Maker With Mysql/php Title says it :D

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Hello, I am new to this service and i think I am going to like it =).Anyway, my main question is can you link executable games made by gamemaker (i have pro) to a database? And can i use the php server i get here to transfer data to that game? If so i would appreciate a little help with it because I am new to both =).Also is there anyway to get a https://www.1and1.com/website-builder via credits from Xisto?Finally is there any group here that works with gamemaker? we might have small contests or so :)


Replying to khalilov

Umm, topic is a bit old, but you can send data from gm to php, by just opening an url in game maker, and set vars in the url like this:http://myDomain.com/index.Php?level=2&anything=5In gm you should use: