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Mysql Database Entry By Excel Sheets

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Kian Mike

Hello .. I would like to ask if i can use use Microsoft excel files in order to make entries to mysql database.Thanks


Yes, you can use ADO to create an ODBC connection between an excel spreadsheet and MySQL. It may even be a bit easier to import the excel data into Access and then use the data connection and querying abilities of Access. Alternately you can export your Excel data to a CSV file and use the tools in MySQL to import the data file.


you can use phpMyAdmin too if you have php enabled server


How to Link excel table permanently to mysql database for regular data updatesMysql Database Entry By Excel Sheets

Can Ms excel worksheet be used as a permanently linked, always on front end to a table in mysql database for data updates directly in the mysql database table? If The anwser is YES, then kindly show me how to do it:. Thanks for your co-operation.

-question by K. Adjei