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Updating Only One Thing In A Page?

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Hey!I just wanted to know:Is it possible to update only one thing on a page?Lets say I have an "About Us" page.Is it possible to have "links" or something, so that when I press on them (one of the links), text/information about the person I pressed on will appear on the page, but the whole page wont update?Something like flash, but I want to use PHP/HTML instead (or whatever language I need, but I think it is PHP). And OFC :( if possible, can anyone be kind enough to tell me how (a)Thank You ^.^//Feelay


AJAX - Asynchronous JavaScript And XMLSpecifically, AJAX with PHP!JavaScript sends a request (asynchronously) to the PHP script. The PHP script uses the information and returns output usually in an XML format. The JavaScript reads the XML and updates the page.Google "AJAX with PHP tutorials" for more information.The PHP is rather easy, you do it like you were getting data from a for and then just format your output in XML.The JavaScript is a little more complicated.Just remember, the JS gets data from the page in the form of a link or form ans sends the data to the PHP script. The PHP does all of the work as far as database manipulation, data manipulation, and xml output. The JS then writes the data to the page in the manner in which you tell it to. This is the tricky part since different browsers handle different JavaScript differently. I love using the same word multiple time in a sentence! Good luck,vujsa


You can do that with a combination of PHP and AJAX as vujsa says, there are some different ways for it, right now i'm not in my home machine so i can't post any example :( The output generated by the PHP script not only would be in an XML format, also, it would be in a JSON format, that is an usually format used by javascript.Best regards,


bah.. everything have to be so hard :D I don't know anything (not even how to start coding with it [like <?php ?> with php]) JS or XML xDWell :P If there isn't any other way, I'll try to learn some new languages this summer. Thanks guys :(//Feelay